Free Orders

During the 2024-25 school year, the contract with the US Department of Education is phasing out physical copies of awareness materials. We are prioritizing free publications until the end of the contract year in order to get materials  to as many people as possible.

Free copies of the NCHE products may be ordered up to the limits displayed below once each school year (July 1 - June 30).  Each customer's orders for each product are tracked per school year.  School districts, individual schools, service providers (shelters, churches, etc), and interested individuals are allowed to place free orders that include the standard limits noted below. Each order may only be shipped to the address of the person placing the order.

Our Connecting Schools and Displaced Students handbook series has been updated! Disaster Relief Agencies and Schools (A Handbook for Local Liaisons and State Coordinators) & From the School Office to the Classroom (A Handbook for Local Liaisons, Enrollment Staff, and District Administrators) have been combined under the From the School Office to the Classroom title. There are now three books instead of four.