Frequently Asked Questions

How do we handle shipping?

Depending on the order we either ship via FedEx or USPS. Shipping and handling totals are calculated at checkout using a sliding Flat-Rate scale based on number of items.
Free orders granted each calendar school year will not be charged shipping.

# of Items Price # of Items Price
1-10 $15.00 1000-1999 $175.00
11-49 $25.00 2000-2999 $250.00
50-99 $35.00 3000-3999 $350.00
100-249 $50.00 4000-4999 $450.00
250-499 $75.00 5000-5999 $550.00
500-999 $125.00 6000+  Call for Quote

Can I order via mail-in Purchase Order?

You may mail-in your order via a purchase order form, which you can download here: 
Sales Product Purchase Order Form

Email your completed purchase order to:


Mail your completed purchase order to:

NCHE Publications
5900 Summit Ave #201
Browns Summit, NC 27214

Please do not fax orders.

Who can I contact with questions about the store or regarding my order?

Please reach out to us with any questions you may have:

NCHE Helpline - email: